Authentic Leadership

When considering the most important aspect of your leadership role don’t ever underestimate the importance of being physically, emotionally and intellectually present.

Things Strong Leaders Never Delegate:
  • Hiring People In Their Organisation
  • You Are The Culture
  • Difficult Conversations At All Levels
  • You Are The Barometer
  • The Hard Decisions
  • You Are Intergrity Personified
  • Publicly Thanking The Cleaning Staff
  • You Are The Tone
  • Rewarding Excellence
  • You Are The Cheerleader
  • Fronting Failure
  • You Are The Life Raft
  • Having Fun
  • You Are The Permission
  • The most successful leaders build strong teams to support the organisation and its stakeholders and not themselves.

The most successful leaders are fuelled not threatened by rising stars in the organisation.

The most successful leaders watch their staff leave on promotion.

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