Our Mentors are all professionals in their own right who have achieved success in their respective fields. Selected for their tested expertise they also have an added point of difference; they are empathetic, sympathetic, innovative and challenging and are people and solutions focussed.

Working closely with a professional mentor will assist you to develop your personal and professional capabilities. There is no such thing as overnight success and achieving your dreams cannot not happen in a vacuum.

Working with one of our dedicated Mentors will open up a world of opportunities for you.

The benefits include:
  • Regular scheduled meetings to assist you to engage in open and honest career discussion in a supportive and confidential environment.
  • Leveraging the skills, experience and wisdom of someone who has ‘Been There Done That.’
  • Relying on a professional relationship based on trust, integrity and honesty which will help you work through current leadership challenges that face you.
  • Building your professional capacity to manage the complexities of industrial relations
  • Broadening your professional network